Are you in need of an automated income boosting, traffic and backlink building tool for your website? Congratulations, here it is! With SmartLink you will be able to do the following:

Satisfaction GuaranteedGuaranteed results and onetime payment. If you want to know more about how SmartLink can help you, please contact us. You can view the demo version here: Demo

SmartLink is absolutely awesome! I use to make very little cash on the internet but after using your script for just 6 days I have earned $156 from my affiliate programs. It's really nice to have a software that really does what it claims. I have made a lot of money from the multi-user version and more people are registering with me daily. Thank you very much. Your script is awesome I didn't know that it's possible for me to build dofollow backlinks on old edu websites. Thanks. Thank you very much for this script. It's really easy to set up and use. My website's traffic flow has increased a lot. I was searching for traffic generating tools on Hotscripts and I found this tool. The installation was easy and fast. The first day I used it I got about 150 dofollow backlinks and around 300 nofollow. But at least the human traffic was flowing in. I have also used it to increase the views on a couple of articles and videos. The best part was the sales from affiliate products and clicks on cpc affiliate programs.

Traffic & Backlink Building Tool


SmartLink - Automatic SEO, Traffic & Backlink Building Software

SmartLink is your best choice when you need to boost your income, or when you need huge, steady and reliable flow of traffic and backlinks to your website.

SmartLink was created to automate and to ease the process of generating backlinks and web-traffic, and to greatly reduce the time needed to see meaningful results from the traffic and backlink building tasks.

SmartLink automates the process of sending trackbacks and pingbacks, optimizing website's search engine rankings (SEO), speeding-up website's indexing, increasing targeted traffic and income in a natural way, by steadily building a large number of quality backlinks on thousands of different websites.

You can choose to leave your link on only quality websites with high PageRank value or with low outbound links and so on, so that you will permanently be in the good books of search engines. Your website will never be negatively affected by their frequent algorithm updates, especially Google.

Trackback and pingback submission are the best, fastest and easiest methods of building web-traffic and backlinks in a short period of time. Most webmasters don't know this fact. It is much faster and easier and it does not require form or captcha filling unlike other traffic and backlink building techniques. There are numerous websites that will automatically approve your post and link to your website instantly. You cannot find any tool that implements this technique very well like SmartLink. It is the only backlink/traffic builder that could be used by multiple users simultaneously and that can allow you to make money off it. Its unique features, quality and ease of use are unrivaled. It is the best in its class.

SmartLink uses user defined keywords to find fresh posts that haven't been used for pingback or trackback submissions by other people and builds high-quality extremely targeted backlinks in real-time. SmartLink is the fastest and easiest tool for generating huge and steady high quality backlinks and building web-traffic for your websites. It automatically sends created backlink pages to search engines, RSS directories and aggregators for fast indexing. You can spin contents and generate very unique ones.

With SmartLink, your website will start to steadily rank for your choice keywords in no time on search engines. SmartLink is also useful for making money, by helping people to build backlinks and web-traffic to their websites.

SmartLink can also be used to:
1) Increase article views on article directories e.g. Ezinearticles, Goarticles...
2) Increase video views on video sharing sites e.g. Youtube, Viddler, Vimeo...
3) Increase website ranking on web ranking sites e.g. Alexa, Compete...
4) Increase sales, clicks, impression, sign-ups of affiliate programs e.g. Adsense, CPAs...
5) Plus much more...

It is very easy to install and use. It supports multi-threading. All you have to do is add target websites and posts. When there are no more targets, it will find fresh target websites by itself using the search queries you provide and will continue posting even while you are at sleep. It supports posting in any language.

SmartLink can also be used "manually". You can use it to find web-pages where you can post your comment and website's link manually, instead of automatically posting to them. It will get the PageRank, number of outbound links and whether the web-page's links are "dofollow".

SmartLink also comes with stand-alone modules such as RSS Pinger (pings and submits RSS feeds to RSS search engines, aggregators and directories e.g. Technorati, Pingoat, Pingomatic...), Search Engine Pinger (notifies search engines on website changes through the sitemap e.g. Google, Ask, Bing, Didikle...) and Website Indexer (aids fast indexing of new websites by search engines e.g. Statistics & Whois sites).

We are very confident that by using SmartLink your website will start having steady backlinks and traffic in no time. This is why we are offering a refund of the purchase price within 60 days after purchase if the script does not generate backlinks and traffic as stated. We also provide free installation of SmartLink after purchase.

Guaranteed results and onetime payment. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let SmartLink do all the traffic and backlink building tasks for you.

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SmartLink also has Multi-user Version. It allows the owner to create unlimited number of other users and share the tools with them. It could also be a great source of making money, by charging the other users for the usage access. We can help you integrate automatic weekly, monthly and yearly PayPal subscription in it if you want to use it for commercial purpose. To download the multi-user version, click the button below.

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